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Updated Time Tracking Apps for iOS and Android

22. August 2013

Time Tracking for Android 1.2 We have just published an update to our mobile apps for Android and iOS. Beside many stability improvements this release also adds more context to your time recording routine. At the bottom you will now see the company for which you are currently working, your status (working, break or signed out) and how much time you have worked today.

Previously you only had the information how long your current task was running. It should make it a bit easier to put your current work into context of your whole work day.

Both, iOS and Android updates, are already published and available in the Android Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Get it on Google Play Available on the App Store


Behind the scenes: Dart & Web Components for a new Time Tracking UI

25. July 2013

WorkTrail - Time Tracking UI in Dart / Infrastructure This post describes a few behind the scenes details about our technology stack. In specific how we used Dart and Dart's Web-UI to build our next generation Time Tracking UI, which we just launched into productiona few days ago. It is now based on the same business logic source code as our Android and iOS App.


WorkTrail - Time Tracking made easy - Feature Video

12. July 2012

How does it feel working with WorkTrail?

You can answer yourself this question by registering a free guest account and give it try or you just watch the video below in order to taste the easy flow tracking the time with WorkTrail.