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Project Statistics

Time Tracking made Easy

WorkTrail makes it fun to track your work time. For freelancers, project teams as well as for whole companies who are heavily task or customer oriented. With our web application you can easily manage your company: add employees, manage tasks and projects. We offer a simple and optimised solution for web based time tracking for all employees.

Mobile Time Tracking

In addition we offer easy to use, native and responsive mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones. Our mobile apps are optimised to make it easy to switch between tasks making it really comfortable to handle interruptions in your workflow.

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Mobile Zeiterfassung am iPhone

iPhone & iPad

Easiest way to track your work time for tasks and projects on your iPhone. Simply download the app from the iTunes App Store and start tracking your time for free.

  • Start and stop your work time
  • Resolve tasks by swiping them off the screen
  • Create tasks and projects
  • Track breaks
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Mobile Zeiterfassung auf Android

Android Smartphones

Native Android app to track your work time for tasks and projects. Download and install from the Google Play Store and start tracking your time for free.

  • Easy Start/Stop your work timers
  • Manage your tasks
  • Swipe away resolved tasks
  • Track work breaks

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Work Reports and Statistics

Über die Weboberfläche können Sie detaillierte Statistiken und Arbeitsberichte einsehen und als Excel (oder CSV) Dokument herunterladen. Falls Sie ein Team mit mehreren Personen sind, können berechtigte Benutzer Auswertungen über alle Mitarbeiter durchführen und herunterladen.

On our web interface you can create and download detailed statistics and work reports. It is available as a print version, CSV or Microsoft Excel file. If you work together in a team with more people, privileged users (managers) can generate and download reports for all employees (or for each employee individually).