Programmatic API for WorkTrail

11. Februar 2014

WorkTrail API - Easily access and sync information It is very important to us that our users can easily use all their data they are tracking or entering into WorkTrail. This is why we have now created and documented a public API which makes it possible to easily integrate WorkTrail into any third party service. It allows developers to create apps which have access to all tasks, projects of a company as well as all and every work entry tracked and reported by users and employees.

We made sure that access is only available once an app has been authorised by a manager of the company. So developers have to create their app to retrieve an app key and secret api key. With these information they can request an authentication token from managers of a company to get access to all data. See our rather detailed developer documentation for more information.

In addition apps can also request write permission which make it easily possible to create a two-way sync to legacy systems. One example usage we used to validate the API was a production sync to OpenERP which can already synchronize tasks created in OpenERP into WorkTrail and the other way around! We expect that we can release this OpenERP module soon as an open source example.

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