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Rethinking Time Tracking

04. May 2012

There are tons of Time Tracking Tools out there, but none quite fulfills the needs for freelancers, consultants, software developers or anyone who has to deal with a vast amount of different projects, tasks and clients within a day. The most important things for a Time Tracking tool for these users are:

  • Live tracking of time
  • Keeping track of interruptions and “working stacks” - allow to create a new work entry with a single click - e.g. when a new support call comes in.
  • Easy creation of new tasks (or integration into an existing task tracking tool)
  • Changing History: If the user (or the tool) is still not capable of keeping pace with your work flow, an easy way to manage your work history, enter and modify past time entries.
  • See statistics and work reports and export them.

With WorkTrail we try to provide all of this - and more.