Entries for July 2013

Behind the scenes: Dart & Web Components for a new Time Tracking UI

25. July 2013

WorkTrail - Time Tracking UI in Dart / Infrastructure This post describes a few behind the scenes details about our technology stack. In specific how we used Dart and Dart's Web-UI to build our next generation Time Tracking UI, which we just launched into productiona few days ago. It is now based on the same business logic source code as our Android and iOS App.


Public beta of new Time Tracking UI

22. July 2013

Time Tracking UI As promised last week we have now rolled out the public beta for a completely new web based Time Tracking UI. It is heavily inspired by our mobile apps as well as feedback from our users. Check out our help article on how to activate and use our new UI.


Future of web based Time Tracking

18. July 2013

WorkTrail Time Tracking UI We are working on the next version of our Time Tracking UI which will greatly simplify and streamline your every day time tracking. Here you can find a sneak peak on the new time recording UI and a short introduction. The main focus lied in simplifying the UI visually, showing detailed real time status information so you never lose context without beeing overloaded with information.